Wiot Transportation Enterprise Solution is the only fully integrated bus safety solution of its kind.

An IoT Solution for a Safer World

Bus transit is complicated, and given the rise in avoidable accidents and incidents related to buses around the world, we developed a revolutionary integrated system that focuses on passenger safety and simplifies transportation by integrating technology that connects buses, drivers, students, school admin, teachers and parents—all in realtime.

Introducing the Wiot Enterprise Transportation Solution.

"Our goal: to improve transportation safety worldwide."

Innovent Board of Directors

A Global Concern

Concerns over transportation safety are on the rise due to the number of bus incidents and accidents occurring around the world.
Most of these incidents are attributed to negligence, careless behavior and reckless driving, and can be avoided by putting in place proper controls and governance.


Wiot: The 360° Integrated Solution

With the leap in real-time communication technology and the abundance of resources available to us, we knew transportation could be made safer through integrated systems and built the Wiot solution that consists of an IoT technology appliance, known as Wiot Box, and a suite of enterprise apps.

The Wiot Solution is the simplest answer to the current difficulties of transportation, whether in commercial buses or school buses. The Wiot Solution also offers specific products that directly address the transportation needs of school buses and the school community.

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The Wiot Box

Wiot Box is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology appliance for real-time monitoring & reporting with over 30 functions integrated seamlessly via a centralized smart application and engine that complies with DOT requirements. Wiot Box can intelligently interpret inputs and alert for violations. Functions include:

Driver Authentications & Bus Monitoring
  • Biometrics authentications for bus driver/ bus monitor
  • Alcohol breath test for bus driver
  • Accelerometer to determine bus speed limit violations
  • Sensors for vehicle harsh braking and unusual maneuvers
Attendance Management
  • Advanced NFC/RFID attendance management system
  • Finger print & camera counting capabilities
  • Track student, bus driver & bus monitor attendance
Sensor Management & Environment Monitoring
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Fire/Smoke Sensor
  • Power Sensor
  • Door Operation Sensor
  • Bus Tilting Sensor
  • Engine Overheating Sensor
  • Oil Level Sensor
GPS Location Tracking
  • GPS tracking of the bus to monitor its exact location and route
  • Bus off route sensor
Video Surveillance & Motion Detection
  • Video player
  • Camera live recording with zoom capability
  • Night vision camera recording
  • Local & central long-term continuous video footage storage
  • Motion detection camera inside bus
  • Motion detection camera for stop sign violation
Emergency Panic Button
  • Equipped with a panic button that supports automated dialing using phone or video call that directly connects to the nearest emergency authority

install Wiot Box & convert any bus into a smart bus

Wiot Box Command Center Software

Wiot Box comes with a state-of-the-art Command Center Software to manage cameras and sensors installed on all connected buses.

Using a wide range of communication systems, including 3G, 4G, WiFi and bluetooth, to ensure a robust and reliable connectivity with the IoT network, data from the Wiot Box sensors is fed to the Wiot Box Command Center Software, which intelligently deciphers and displays information on its management dashboard.

Concerned authorities such as police departments can now monitor cameras and sensors installed on all buses and can take immediate action accordingly.


The Wiot Enterprise App Suite

Integrated Apps for 360° Control

The Wiot suite includes Fleet Management Application, School Admin & Education Reporting Applications, Bus Driver App, Parents Mobile App, Bus Monitor App, and a Teacher Mobile App. Learn about each below.

Fleet Management App

The software for managing vehicles, drivers, customers & trip scheduling, while complying with the mandated rules & regulations. See full set of features.

Bus Driver Mobile App

The application for state-of-the-art monitoring & control functions for fleet management companies, authorities & their drivers. See full set of features.

Bus Monitor Mobile App

An application designed for bus monitors to ensure safety of students’ entry & exit from buses. See full set of features.

School Admin App

An application for school administrators to be connected to students, buses & their drivers for safety & security to & from school. See full set of features.

Parents Mobile App

The application designed for parents’ peace of mind, allowing them to register, monitor & remain connected to their children. See full set of features.

Teacher Mobile App

An application designed to allow teachers to manage students in & out of the classroom. See full set of features.

A Closer Look at The Applications

Learn more about the Wiot Enterprise Apps Suite & all their features below.

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Fleet Management App

The Wiot Fleet Management Application enables fleet companies & authorities to manage their vehicles, drivers, customers & trip scheduling, while complying with the mandated rules and regulations. The application includes a dashboard that provides a 360 view of all vehicles, including maintenance schedule, trips, drivers, trip scheduling, drivers’ expenditure & passengers’ services such as time schedule, as well as a map view on the location of every vehicle

Bus Driver Mobile App

The Wiot Bus Driver Mobile Application provides state-of-the-art monitoring & control functions to fleet management companies & authorities. The driver is guided through steps to ensure compliance & safety of the vehicle s/he is operating. This includes a pre-trip inspection, post-trip inspection, trip expenditure (gas, toll, parking, hotel, food, etc.) & the ability to capture & transmit pictures for any damage to the vehicle

Parents Mobile App

The Wiot Parent App allows parents to register multiple children, manage multiple children, even if in multiple schools or buses, get notified before bus arrival, report kids’ absences, change address and link geographically using GPS

Teacher Mobile App

With Wiot Teacher App, teachers can manage student’s entry & exit in and out of class, automatically identify absent students, directly call emergency numbers such as police & ambulance, & report multiple incidence types

School Admin App

The Wiot School Admin Software lets administrators register multiple children, manage multiple children, even if in multiple schools or buses, get notified before bus arrival, report kids’ absences, change address, & link geographically using GPS

Bus Monitor Mobile App

Bus Monitors can use the system to manage their attendance, manage student entry & exit using name & photo (or by name tags/student cards if applicable), view bus routes for each student, call emergency numbers such as police & ambulance, report multiple incidence types (bus or student-related ex. flat tire or bullying), avoid unnecessary pick up or drop off when students are reported absent by parents